About Us

Hi to all potential FunHaveners! We are pleased to tell you a bit about how the FunHaven store came to be and what we are proud and happy to offer.

In 2016 two friends from University, Lee and Simon, decided to start their own online store offering affordable items sourced at the best possible prices. Why? Well the answer is simple: to make a living whilst fulfilling a growing need out there for alternative shopping options for working and middle class families. After selling items across various categories, they settled on focusing on family-focused and kids play items, as it seemed to be the most fulfilling community of people to sell to. That was the backdrop.

A year later, the two young upstarts had grown the company from a one bedroom apartment to a fully stocked storage and office location in Manchester, with a team of ambitious people eager and ready to bring smiles to people's faces and fill homes with the kind of items that promote creativity, imagination and making your kids feel special all whilst not putting too big a dent in ones wallet. Rest assured, the FunHaven UK team do not plan on resting on our laurels and hope to one day have a presence in every home in the UK and beyond.

But don't just watch this space...Join in, Discover, & most importantly, Have Fun!


Founders: Lee & SImon

Address: 20 Lord Street, Manchester, M4 4FP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)16 1661 0844 - (Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm)